Bell Industries

Bell Industries AR

Assignment: Dramatize the firm’s core business—distribution of electronic gizmos—and capitalize on impressive growth metrics, for an Annual Report.

Designer Alfred Wesley Briggs and I share an appreciation of Mondrian, grids and right angles. Graph paper was chosen as the unifying element across four interior spreads and the cover. We created a variety of custom graph papers, on which Al hand drew charts provided by the client. A little lithographic voodoo was involved in that the numbers weren’t available until after the color had to be on the press; were added at the last moment.

Occasionally the labor of solving the problem is transcended by the pure pleasure of synergistic collaboration with a great designer. Embarrassing to charge for, almost…

An 8×10 view camera was selected for it’s lifelike resolution, and a life-size canvas on which to ‘paint’ arrangements of representative products (hand picked from the warehouse shelves) for their aesthetic virtues. Back in the studio we made a parlor game of it, taking turns at arranging, adjusting, refining the compositions until we both were satisfied. Jumping the gutter, the layouts were completed by a few life-size ‘bugs’, graphic grace notes, drop shadowed as though actually sitting on the page, like little pieces of candy…

Design: Alfred Wesley Briggs

Awards: Design USA, AIGA