Fisher Scientific Group

Fisher Scientific Group Inc. AR

Assignment: Create photo-illustrations for an A.R. featuring representative customer facilities. “Fisher Group is a technology-based, market-driven company that supplies a broad range of scientific and medical products and services to the world’s research laboratories and health-care markets.”

It was decided to follow some of Fisher’s elite field representatives on their rounds visiting clients; “. . . consulting & problem solving; . . . keeping abreast of scientific advances to support the exploration of analytical and medical research.”

WJW traveled to a half dozen different locations scattered about Southern California, in company of an assistant & location lighting kit.

Environments were groomed and lit, foreground and background activities cast & directed, using client employees, student volunteers, two (sighted) white mice.

The challenge: accomplish the story-telling goals with the minimum of contrivance.

Designers: Rik Besser, Robert Miles Runyan