Fluor 81

Fluor AR


Create four interior photo-illustrations and a cover for an Annual Report, (the third in a row for WJW). The theme was to examine each of four divisions as a process, the evolution of projects from concept through planning and implementation.

Beginning with design, planning, (1st vertical panel on the left); modeling, quality assurance, testing, (2nd panel from left); actual construction, fruition. (The right, wide column bled off the side of the 8.5×11 page), continued at the left of the following spread, with the all important caption, (and point of curiosity provoking artwork) .

Subjects were chosen which existed in multiple phases, the perspectives matched between versions, artwork created to fit the conceptual templates, photos made in several locations. Graphics were incorporated, a form of visual glue with which to bind the parts together and provide logical flags linked to the captions.

Designer: Ron Jefferies, The Jefferies Association