Fluor HR

Fluor Corporation, Annual Report

Showcase Fluor’s Human Resources, substantial growth, global presence, for an Annual Report and In-house Employee Recognition.

It was decided the see the whole firm through the experiences of five Super-Star V. P.s, (beyond the reach of Head Hunters). A ‘day-in-the-life’ theme, with the many employees, projects encountered.

WJW spent two days with each executive, shooting in California, Texas, Venezuela, Holland, Belgium, and Japan; around the world in three weeks. His ‘Fly-on-the-Wall’ technique makes him almost invisible, ‘another piece of furniture.’ The hand-held ‘available darkness’ ultra-realism gives his work an authenticity, the subjects a visceral credibility beyond words.

The approach perfectly set-up the gifted writer Frederick J. Fajardo to do his magic, explain what makes the firm and its people extraordinary.

The cover summarizes the HR theme, the layout in the form of a ten year Bar Graph of Personnel Growth, a WJW suggestion. The tenth column features the five heroes. WJW was commissioned for the editing and all the layouts as well as the photography.

FORTUNE magazine described these executives as “The key men on whom the success of every job depends…Fluor’s project directors…form an elite corps of experienced, worldly, people-wise technicians.” BUSINESS WEEK says employers “…hoard them like gold.”

Writer, Father Confessor: Frederick J. Fajardo

Designer: Ron Jefferies, The Jefferies Association