Lockheed Corporation Annual Report

Assignment: Create photo-illustrations for an annual report celebrating the theme: “We Ain’t Tin Benders,” showcasing the considerable range of the firm’s products and capabilities. Will’s father ‘bent some tin’ as an engineer for Lockheed during WW II, so it was with pleasure that Will visited and shot in the famous ‘Skunkworks’. The assignment was to visualize (and dramatize) forefront R&D projects:

  • Spatial light modulation/machine vision,  adaptive optics, advanced circuit board  manufacturing, spacecraft environmental  simulation, grazing incidence optical interferometry, cryogenic limb array etalon spectrometry, non-binding spacecraft bearings, Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit (VLSIC) microelectronics, NASA flight-qualified life-science equipment, all were imaged in the client’s extensive Silicon Valley facilities.
  • Space Shuttle ground, launch & flight support activities, firing room at Kennedy Space  Center, Florida.
    Weapon systems simulation center, 360 degree projection, electrically conductive composite materials, melt-spinning metallurgy, Artificial Intelligence, automated software/ cockpit displays, Engineering Design Graphics, were photographed in Southern California.
  • A countermeasures transmitter, gallium arsenide chip fabrication & microwave/ millimeter wave monolithic integrated circuit  (MIMIC) products, the FAA national airspace  system, advanced automation systems (AAS) air traffic control consoles, thermo-electrically  cooled infrared sensors, all were made to sit up and bark at Lockheed Sanders in Massachusetts.

The project took WJW about a month, and left him “borderline over-stimulated.”

Mother Confessor: Judith Wheeler
Designer: Ken Parkhurst