Messenger Magazine

Santa Monica Hospital Medical Center

Assignment: Illustrate an issue of the Messenger patient magazine with the theme: “Reaching Beyond the Realm of Medicine: Exploring the emerging and growing role of hospitals in providing answers and assistance for the emotionally troubled.”

The Humpty Dumpty theme was a suggestion of Will’s based on a reading of the text. The child’s face was edited from his extensive stock library; one expression for the cover, another for the cracked egg inside. The eggs were coated with photographic emulsion in a dark-room, the negative projected under an enlarger, developed as one would any print.

Stored in the carton they came in, “You saw, through the gap between the carton lid and bottom, a dozen little faces, staring at you, eyes following you around the room. It creeped everybody out; for a year or so, right up to the moment the cleaning lady decided they smelled more like trash than art.” (The eggs were prepared under deadline, without bothering to empty the contents; later regretted.)

A WJW favorite, a ‘Twofer': A ‘suite’ of images, stating a subject on the cover, and completing, resolving it on the inside. The liminal space between the two stimulates curiosity and encourages reading the companion text.