Monogram Industries

Monogram Industries AR

Assignment: Create photo-illustrations for an A.R., dramatizing (and explaining) two major product lines; report progress in a real estate venture.

The cover lays bare the endless variety in configuration of the firm’s product line of cables; graphically symbolizing the major market segments: telecommunications; computers; and medicine. The back cover fulfills the ‘surprise’ mandate of the ‘Twofer Concept’. (Designer Ron Jefferies and William are fond of ‘spread jumping’, starting a visual story on one spread, continuing it to the next.

The Metal Products Group features an exotic fastener for aircraft composite structures; seen in story-telling sequence of cross-sectioned installation steps.

The Electrical Materials Group continued the hands-on theme, showing the steps, complexity of cabling on which all of us rely. The theme resolves on the next page, with a fruit-salad of mystery product thumbnails.

(WJW: “My inner nine-year-old wanted the hexadecimal computer code to spell out: “What kind of dweeb has the time to decode this?” Better judgement prevailed, the code spells the client’s name, oh well.”)

Designer: Ron Jefferies