National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor AR

Assignment: Showcase the range of electronic products for an Annual Report & company literature; educate the Investors along the way.

The products were divided into four categories: Sensing, Computation, Storage and Transmission, each presented in a historical timeline.

WJW and an Assistant traveled to the client’s facilities with a ‘studio in a box’, basic lighting kit.

At the outset, Will met w/management to define task list, priorities, scheduling. Complex shots were identified & scouted, the assistant(s) started on lighting, other preparations while WJW was off scouting the next shot.

Will consults with cognizant engineers on ways to make their widget sit up and bark; or process visualized, in self-explanatory way if possible.

Products were shot in-situ or in the nearest available conference room, warehouse, whatever. Will shot in a half dozen locations, including two museums, three clean-rooms and a partridge in a pair tree…

Design: Ken Parkhurst