Torrance Memorial Hospital

Capability Brochure, AR

Assignment: Create imagery for an Annual Report, (and HR Recruitment Brochure). Documentary coverage of 16 hospital activities were undertaken in one week. Goal: Capture the human essence of interactions between staff and clients, humanistic, fly-on-the-wall style.

WJW started by creating a ‘Laundry List’ database of departments, activities to be covered. He then scouted the locations, coordinating with staff, determining the best times, (then or later) to photograph patient contact, the target activity. The timeline made itself up, Ad hoc, on the fly, so to speak…

Self-directed, he visited some departments multiple times, until coverage goals were met. For scheduling purposes, William typically plans to cover around four subjects a day; some more, others less time consuming. He prefers to shoot hand held available (or minimal lighting), minimize intervention in the subject activities.

He is ever alert to the editor’s & designer’s goals and quick to produce, art direct any symbolic, cover-worthy illustration opportunities he encounters, (such as the Three Hands image).

Editor: Renee Miller
Designer: Joseph Rozon